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Acid Washing Pools In Tampa 
                                               (And Surrounding Areas)


Is your swimming pool a complete swamp?  Or do you simply want to remove stains and breath life back into your old pool?   If you answered yes to either question, then acid washing may be exactly what you need!  Acid washing burns off a thin layer of pool surface, exposing fresh surface underneath.  This removes many stains and can turn a nasty swamp into a beautiful 'like-new' swimming pool.  In fact, the results can truly be amazing... take a look for yourself!


It's not easy to acid wash a swimming pool (even if you know what you are doing).  It requires special equipment, special training, proper licensing & special insurance called "pop up insurance".  These four components are vital to properly drain and acid wash a pool.  If you don't know exactly what you are doing, you can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your pool.  Swimming pools can literally pop out of the ground when the water is removed (hence the need for "pop up insurance").  Furthermore, the acid used to clean the pool is extremely powerful and can damage surfaces and the fumes can harm people.  That is why it is critical to only allow a fully licensed & insured professional to drain your pool.  Don't do it yourself!!


A Basic Overview of Our Acid Washing Procedure

  1. Complete inspection of the pool, equipment and surrounding areas
  2. Use both gas & electric pumps to quickly remove the water (remove main drain plug if necessary)
  3. Clean all debris from the pool
  4. Acid wash the walls, steps, lights, skimmers, tiles and bottom (multiple times if needed)
  5. Use a pressure washer to aid in the cleaning process
  6. Neutralize the acid and washout ALL residual water (properly)
  7. Chlorine bath all surfaces.  This really brings out the shine if you do it at the very end of the process!
  8. Immediately start adding water back to the pool
  9. Asist in rebalancing the pool and starting up the equipment


Not all pools are suitable for acid washing.   Please call us to set up an evaluation.  Prices "starting at" $850.00 (small screened in pool).  Thank you!

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